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Black Rock Shooter


Today, its gonna be one long ass post, because I WILL CONQUER ALL THE ANIME!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Black Rock Shooter 8 (End)
  • Highschool DxD 12 (End)
  • Amagami SS+ 12
  • Persona 4 24
  • Kill Me Baby 12
  • Inu x Boku SS 11
  • Recorder to Randoseru 12
  • Medaka Box PV

Kicking it off with the grand finale of Black Rock Shooter!
Right at the start, the opening song was skipped all together, I mean, WHO CAN WAIT TO SEE WHAT UNFOLDS RIGHT? I probably won’t spoil anything as per usual, but here’s some screenshots I’m taking while watching it.
And with that, Black Rock Shooter ends.

Next up: Highschool DxD!
AWWW YEA! Now this is what I call a pumped up finale! You think Rias’s forfeit in the last rating game meant the end of the conflict? NOOOOOOOO, THE HERO ARRIVES TO SAVE THE DAY! This time, we see Issei walking into Mordor and rescuing the princess from the hands of a phoenix. Nope, this time it isn’t a dragon that’s guarding the princess. I’M SORRY BUT THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!
Nahhh, this time we see Issei made a contract with the Infernal Welsh Dragon, his left arm for Balance Breaker, a form where the wielder gets the maximum boost without charging for 10 counts. Sounds imbalanced? That’s why its the Balance Breaker! The final fight between Issei and Raizer is pretty awesome, though its rather short, but still awesome nonetheless. I hope they make a second season, I’d like moar action and more explanation of this White Dragon they were talking about in this episode.

Next up: Its the ending of Haruka route, Amagami SS+!
Haruka got invite over to Junichi’s house and decided to spend the night there!
Of course, spending the night also means that she’ll have to take a bath there! Reminds you of the first season’s Haruka route yes?
Last time he got scolded for not peeking, IS HE GOING TO WORK UP THE GUTS TO PEEK NOW?!
Later that night, Haruka decides to tell him that she might be going to England immediately after graduation, but when she did, she doesn’t tell him that she’s only going for 1 week. That causes Junichi to think that she might be going there and never coming back, so he decided to jack the graduation ceremony speech and made this really embarrassing, yet sweet speech to Haruka and proposes to her in the end. SWEET VANILLA OM NOM NOM

O yea! My guess was spot on! It turns out that it was actually really Adachi all along, and since he’s working in the police force, it makes him even harder to detect.
Now that Narukami and gang have discovered his actions, he decides to run into the TV world which is about to merge with the real world. Unlike others, the shadows in that world doesn’t seem to attack Adachi, and he has powers to control everything that’s happening in that world as well.
THIS IS THE FINAL BOSS! Who will win?! We find out in the next episode, the final episode.

Next up: Random gag show is random. Kill me baby!

Next: S or M, Kagerou will scream it to you!
O wait, this episode was a full on backstory telling, about Kagerou and Soushi’s past, how they met, why is Soushi so stalker and why is Kagerou so weirdly awesome? Well, he’s been that way since young, but the story is more focused on Miketsukami. Its a sad backstory, but I wasn’t very moved. That aside, the fact that Ririchiyo noticed that the letter sender wasn’t actually Kagerou was expected, what wasn’t expected was that Ririchiyo somehow managed to give Miketsukami an identity despite his background and raising.
Well, let’s see how they decide to end it. All this melancholy and drama doesn’t sit too well with me after quite a few episodes of comedy.

Recorder to Randoseru.
Pedo gags were never better! Its kinda epic though, but mannnnn, if you saw someone like that, I don’t think you’d believe it either.

Preview: Medaka Box!
Next season we have a manga-adapted anime called Medaka Box! I didn’t read this manga, but it seems pretty popular, so I’ve decided to give the anime a shot! The PV itself doesn’t really tell much, aside from the fact that its about a well-endowed student council president and a delinquent that wants to protect her. After reading online the synopsis, I have my impressions completely smashed. Firstly, the name Medaka Box reminds me of Pandora’s Box, so I thought it might be a supernatural action horror. Turns out its just a council president’s box that she set up so she can accept requests and help the people in need. O well, I guess another school setting anime isn’t bad either eh?

Section 3: Manga read today

  • TWGOK 182

This chapter, Chihiro starts to explain her actions in the previous chapter and all is well. Even though Ayumi is hurt by it, BUT NO PROBLEMS! BECAUSE KEIMA IS A GOD OF CONQUEST, AND ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY DENY THE CONQUEST OF THE GOD OF CONQUEST! Even if he looks like this.

Looking forward to see Ayumi getting conquered.




Section 1: Episodes I watched today

  • Amagami SS+ 10
  • Kill Me Baby 10
  • Black Rock Shooter 7
  • Inu x Boku SS 10

Starting off with the omnibus formatted Amagami! This time we’re on Haruka route!
NAISU TO MEECHU TOO! Haruka arc is probably one of the funnier arcs in all of the Amagami series due to Haruka being so eccentric and humorous. In this episode, she tells of a story about her grandparents and how her grandfather proposed to her grandmother, now she also wants Junichi to do the same, BUT DOESN’T TELL HIM ABOUT IT.
So anyway, Junichi invites Haruka over to his house when the rest of his family is away. MEANING THEY’LL BE ALL ALONE! Looking forward to lulz muahaha!

Next up: The daily life of a highschool assasin.
The comedy just gets better and better! I was laughing throughout the entire episode, definitely good comedy.
Trolling ninja is trolling. The last scene of the episode was simply epic beyond words.

Next up: Black Rock Shooter!
We’re into the second last episode now. More and more is being revealed, about how the other world works, about what’s happening, about why all the dead personas are causing the real person to forget stuff.
BUT NO WORRIES! It appears that the persona can be revived if the past pains shouldered by the persona is remembered by the person, and then it can fight again! Grand finale next episode, can’t wait for it!

Next: Tsunshun and butler-kun.
She gets dragged around by that maniac for the whole day, and ended up home only at 11.30pm. So she sends a mail to Miketsukami to apologize, then for some reason and I don’t really understand why, Miketsukami suddenly goes out of character. Then the next day he and Kagerou end up fighting.
FORCED PLOT, HO! Turns out everything Miketsukami has been doing was a lie. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Still gonna watch this because I love the comedy.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student

Today was another lazy day, I started off with the daily feeding and cleaning of chicken and guinea pig pens, then I listed the drug inventory with the vet. Went out for lunch, then came back and slacked around for pretty long, doing odd jobs here and there because there was nothing to do. After that I followed the vet to check on the animals, and the day ended.

For reading this post all the way to the end, you’re an M!
For reading this next line you’re an S!


Yes, night fever isn’t enough, it must continue the next morning!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Shakugan no Shana Final 21
  • Black Rock Shooter 6
  • Highschool DxD 10
  • Persona 4 22

Starting with the overdue Shakugan no Shana (Eclipse subbers are busy people)

In this episode, action scenes are little, explanation scenes are many. As we edge closer and closer to the finale, Shana’s grand plan is slowly explained, yet the important parts are still hidden, their motives, and what exactly did Johan and Pheles do in that plan as a neutral party? The end to all this is probably gonna be so much keikaku* and less action scenes.
(*TL note: keikaku means plan)

Next up: Blue Rock Shooter

Or should I say, Purple Rock Shooter since her last transformation. Turns out the teacher does know about the other world, and apparently Black Rock Shooter is a person so strong, she can destroy the entire other world when awakened. Strength (Yuu’s other world) and Black Gold Saw (Teacher’s other world) are desperately trying to stop Black Rock Shooter from going berserk. If the other world’s Persona is killed, all the previous pains, troubles and worries are forgotten, and any new circumstance is endured by the person alone, the Persona is no longer there to help the person endure and withstand the pain. Black Rock Shooter (Mato’s other world) is probably killing them so that they learn to stand by themselves, and not rely on their personas to support them.
Now that Mato and Black Rock Shooter are merged, all of Black Rock Shooter’s pains are felt by Mato as well, right now she’s passed out, but what will happen when she awakens? 2 more episodes till it ends.

Next is Highschool DxD!

The rating game has begun! The game between the Gremories and the Phoenixes has started, and right from the start, we are shown that its almost like a literal game of chess, with planning, strategy and lots of skill. Apparently Issei, being 8 pawns worth, has layers of restriction placed on him. How many layers wasn’t mentioned, but taking 1 piece to be one layer, that’s 7 layers and 1 layer has been unlocked, so he’s probably as strong as 2 pawns now.
Right off the bat, rooks from both parties are taken, as well as 3 pawns from Phoenix, with another 3 waiting to be taken by Knight Kiba from Gremory. That leaves 1 queen, 2 pawns, 1 bishop, 1 knight on Phoenix’s side with the possibility of rescuing 3 pawns. That’s 5(+3) pieces while the entire Gremory side only has 1 pawn, 1 queen, 1 knight, 1 bishop left. I excluded the king because once that piece is gone the game is over. Right now its a 5(8) vs 4, and Issei’s special move has already appeared, DRESS BREAK! Harvesting all his hentai energy (wait, this sounds familiar) he places insignias on the opponent and shred their clothing to nothing. Somehow they’ve managed to combine both action and fanservice into one attack, kudos to the anime. Phoenixes has unleashed their queen and taken out a rook, narrowly missing the pawn. Let’s see how the plan* goes next week! (*TL note: plan means keikaku)

Now its time for Persona 4!

Not sure if final boss or not, but it only took up 15 minutes of time. Well, I guess that’s that. Nanako was rescued, but and she wakes up a few days later. Due to the previous 10+ episodes of jokes and laughter, it didn’t strike me that the anime was still about a serial murderer and that people actually die when they’re killed. The plot development is stronk with this episode.

Section 2: Manga read today

  • The World God Only Knows 180

The plan for the overnight conquer of Ayumi has begun! With her panties as hostage, Keima brings Ayumi out to confess to her but Vintage is also eager to capture both Chihiro and Ayumi and put their plan into action. WHAT WILL THE GOD OF CONQUEST DO?!

Section 4: Random Music Video

Quite a lot of people have watched Madoka Magica, and it probably is one of the most revolutionary and concept-bending anime for a lot of people. This is the character song-duet between Sakura Kyouko (Ai Nonaka) and Miki Sayaka Eri Kitamura). Both of them are my favourite characters in the series, mainly because I’m half-hipster and think that liking Homura is too mainstream, and also the interaction between Kyouko and Sayaka is tragic and very beautifully delivered. I also like Eri Kitamura’s voice and she voice acts quite a lot of characters I like. The song may be short, but the melody and mood it portrays really fits the relationship between the 2 of them, and I’m a sucker for duets.



This time, its for real.

Section 1: Anime I watched today

  • Amagami SS+ 9
  • Kill Me Baby 9
  • Inu x Boku SS 8
  • Highschool DxD 9
  • Black Rock Shooter 5
  • Persona 4 21
  • Accel World PV

Starting off with Amagami SS+ because I recently marathoned the entire first season and liked it a lot.

This episode we’re moving into Sae’s arc and after the guidance from her ‘instructor’ turned boyfriend, she is now talking to people normally and not as shy as before, and because of that, her popularity sky rockets and now its Junichi’s turn to be in her shadow.
When the hardest decision you’re making for your girlfriend is involving which sauce she prefers, you’re doing it wrong. Watching on, I get the feeling that something incredibly embarrassing is about to happen.Guess what happened? Yes, that’s right, Miya made a mistake. ORE NO IMOUTO KONNA NI CHIBI WAKE GA NAI! If you’ve watched Amagami SS first series, you’d also know that there’s a narrator in Sae’s arc, and ONLY in Sae’s arc, and this narrator, he knows what I’m thinking.
I smell a jealous Ayatsuji. The arc continues next episode and the preview for next episode is….. funny, I guess, but also pretty awkward.

Next up, the misadventures of Oribe Yasuna.

CATCH AND RELEASE! This episode was funny as usual, but what caught my attention was a turtle, because everyone loves turtles right?
NINJA TURTLE! Though it actually really is a tortoise because turtle have flippers instead of claws. But yea, for the sake of anime, I shall not bring any real life into it.

Next is Inu x Boku SS.

This male lead, is so damn melodramatic. I also just realised that Roromiya can cosplay as Kyouko aside from Madoka which is her default look.
LOOK AT DAT HAIRSTYLE! And she looks so cute while eating, dayum.
Inviting others is a high-level art. That means we’re all skilled professionals! So this episode is all about Ririchiyo trying to ask Miketsukami to drink coffee with her. THE ENTIRE EPISODE, yea, I have no idea why I’m watching it though. It has enough cute comedy for me I guess, but don’t ever take this plot seriously, because there doesn’t seem to be one.
Seems like next episode will have some Yui-voice fanservice! CAN’T WAIT!

Next is the anime with SO MUCH PLOT!!! Highschool DxD

Last episode Rias and Raizer decided to hold a ranking game between them, meaning they’d have to fight with their Evil Pieces and since Issei is so pathetically weak, we see them going to train in some luxurious house, and at the end of the day, they decide to take a bath, and this happened.
THE PLOT IS STRONK WITH THIS ANIME. And this episode, we are finally shown a display of the Boosted Gear’s potential power, though it takes a lot of time for it to be boosted up, the results are devastating. Issei also apparently has a special move that only he and Asia knows, I’m looking forward to what kind of hentai energy-fueled special he can come up with. O wait, hentai energy, reminds me of MM!.

Next up: Black Rock Shooter.

The episode started off with some epic action sequence between Black Rock Shooter (Blue) and Dead Master (Green). Totally need more of this action sequences, because action speaks louder than words, but sometimes you can’t help but use words.
After 5 of 8 total episodes, I still have no idea what’s going on, and why is Black Rock Shooter’s eye flame not actually Black but Blue, shouldn’t she be called Blue Rock Shooter in that case? Since the beams she shoots from her gun is also Blue. This episode, we see the death of Dead Master, and something really REALLY confusing is happening, and a very very depressing book that is supposed to be a children’s book. This anime uses some really obscure objects to typify the situations and I guess that’s one of the alluring points of this anime. Its not all that straight forward, many things have many other meaning and implications, if they end it well, this could very well be one of the best anime I’ve watched.

Next up: PERSONA 4!

Looks like they finally got back on track with the plot, IS THE FINAL BOSS APPEARING SOON?! This time the killer has kidnapped Nanako and thrown her into the TV, of course, if anyone tells you that they enter the TV and fight shadows with Personas, nobody’s gonna believe you right? That’s what happened with Dojima.While chasing the culprit, he got into an accident and now its up to Yu and gang to stop the killer. GOGO! No screenshot today cos there’s no epic scene today.

Special for today: Accel World PV

For those who don’t know what Accel World is, its one of the upcoming anime next season. PV means Promotional Video, but I guess most of you already know it. From the PV, it seems that we have a short fat male lead who is always bullied because of his size and stature, but somehow he becomes a really important character in another world, Accelerated World. Seems to contain mecha, action, school life and may have drama or comedy I’m not sure till I watch it. As for the art, I don’t really like the Accel World art, but the normal world art is normal like other anime. I’m still gonna give it a shot, and if its bad I’ll probably drop it.

Section 2: Manga chapters read today

  • K-On! 72
  • To Love-ru Darkness 17

K-On! manga is just a continuation of after Yui, Mio, Mugi and Ritsu graduated, the new K-On club now has Azusa, Ui, Jun, Sumire and Okuda. Azusa is guitar, Jun is bass, Sumire is drums and Ui is…. not sure guitar or keyboard. Okuda doesn’t have any instrumental talent, so she writes songs for the band instead! Its just the typical K-On episode every chapter, light hearted and not so serious with lots of comedy and cuteness.

To Love-ru Darkness continues from To Love-ru the anime/manga and is about what happens after they all start living together. For those who have been reading it, you’ll know the general plot designed by Momo to have some epic harem surrounding Rito and well, that’s pretty much the plot. A few troubling character comes in once in a while and don’t leave, but we’ll see what happens. This manga is also known for the pushing the limits of being a non-H manga, so you can expect lots and lots of fanservice, normally I’d shun away from pure fanservice manga/anime, but this one somehow manages to catch my attention and keep me interested.

End of post.


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